The First Post

Everything has to start somewhere. In the words of Rage Against The Machine, “What better place than here? What better time than now?” If you’re a time-traveler from the future looking for clues, here’s where it all begins.

As you can infer from the URL and title, this site exists as an extension of my writing interests. I’m an independent author living in the Canadian hinterland. My big upcoming debut work will be an eBook entitled, 25 Principles of Health and Weight Loss, scheduled for release by the end of November 2013. You can scope out more details about me on the About page if you feel so inclined.

However, these pages are going to be about more than pushing eBooks and providing a venue for experimental tone poems. With the blog, I plan to write on various and sundry topics of interest to me. This will include essays on health and fitness, personal development, and public relations, in addition to shorter news items and humour pieces. Occasionally, I might even throw something up about the indie publishing game.

It’s going to be a big of a piecemeal effort to get the site fully up to speed. Once I’m up and running, I hope to keep a posting frequency of a couple of times per week, but I’m sure there will be both quieter periods when I’m tied up with other things, and prolific times when I get riled up about some topic or another.

That’s about all for right now. This post is more-or-less just a rust-off exercise. Keep reading, as bigger and better things are on the way!  


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