25 Principles of Health and Weight Loss – Now Available for Kindle!

25 Principles

The “temporary” cover for 25 Principles. Permanent cover coming soon!

After thousands of hours, hundreds of cups of coffee, and only two or three near-nervous breakdowns (all figures approximate), I’m pleased to announce that the revolutionary eBook, 25 Principles of Health and Weight Loss, (by yours truly) is now available through Amazon for all Kindle devices and the Kindle reading app!

Canadians can buy the book for the insanely low price of just $4.99 ($ CAN) from the Amazon Canada website, while American buyers can get it from Amazon.com for whatever the equivalent of $4.99 Canadian is in US funds. But wait there’s more! If you are a member of Amazon Prime you can “borrow” the book for free through the Amazon lending library—hard to argue with that!

What is 25 Principles all about? You could say it’s like a series of linked essays about losing weight, living well, and making personal changes in our modern age—why these things seem so difficult and how they can be accomplished more easily. It’s not a diet book per se, but there is a lot of practical and actionable advice. The “blend” is one part philosophy, one part practicality, one part humour, with a couple sprinkles of interesting trivia and the odd dash of motivation thrown in for seasoning.

If your curiosity has been piqued, you can download a preview (approximately the first 10 per cent of the book) from Amazon. You can also read a sample chapter (in PDF) that I have posted over on the 25 Principles page, to get a feel for the writing style and the content that is covered.

Now I know: some of you may have had bad experiences with other independently-published eBooks you bought or read in the past and you might be reluctant to take a flyer on this one. Allow me to reassure you, because this isn’t another one of those slap-dash monstrosities you come across in the Kindle store—like those embarrassing 2,500 word “books” that can be read in seven or eight minutes. The eBook version of 25 Principles clocks in at just over 96,000 words (down from a first-draft length of over 107,000) and it would be at least 300 pages in print—by my estimates. It’s no Crime and Punishment, but you’re not going to start and finish it on your morning subway ride either.    

If you’re one of those throwbacks who hasn’t been won over by eBooks yet, be advised that I’m in the process of building a paperback version of 25 Principles that I hope to have available by January 2014. This will be my ongoing project for the next month or so. Along with straightening out some Byzantine tax and administrative stuff with Amazon—which apparently will qualify me to work as a Certified Public Accountant by the time I’m done.

25 Principles has been a huge undertaking for me, and it was also the catalyst for getting this blog operational. I’ll have more posts in the future exploring the themes and ideas that are central to the book, as well as details on new formats and offers. With Christmas and the holidays coming (and New Year’s Resolutions not far behind) there will be some special promotional offers forthcoming with the book. Of course you—my loyal blog readers (all three of you)—will be the first to know about these when they arrive.


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