25 Principles

25 Principles of Health and Weight Loss. Final5

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Why is it so hard? How can losing weight and living well seem so difficult in an advanced society, when we have so much more knowledge and interest in doing so than our recent – and leaner – ancestors did? How come the problems of obesity and lifestyle diseases are continuing to grow, despite all the money, effort, and awareness being directed at them? And if our current approaches aren’t working, then what will?

These are the questions that are tackled in 25 Principles of Health and Weight Loss. By turning a critical eye on conventional wisdom and myths and misconceptions, author M.C. Ward provides a new way of thinking about and coping with modern lifestyle issues. He also recounts his own struggles with weight and lifestyle – going from 6 percent body fat as a teenager to more than 50 pounds overweight by his late-twenties – before identifying the principles that helped him make a dramatic and positive turnaround.

Brimming with lively stories, thought-provoking ideas, and wry humour, 25 Principles of Health and Weight Loss is an entertaining guide to better health and living in an age where calories, stress, and lifestyle diseases abound. With a unique mix of philosophy, wit, and practical wisdom, it is a book that will permanently change how you think about losing weight and living better.

Approximate Word Count: 96,000

Approximate Print Length: 305 pages, estimated.


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